Startup Salon delves into the heart and soul of ideas; and the blood, sweat and tears involved in executing them.  The series was created by Janice Valentine, founder of Great Life Distillery, to support people take their first steps towards their dream of setting up a business.

What’s a startup?

Traditionally a startup is a technology business. But new businesses are catching on to the value in adopting a tech approach to setting up.  Start small. Test an idea. Validate it. Then let it grow. Gradually; testing, validating as you go.

Supporting diversity

Startup Salon supports diversity by facilitating connections with all kinds of people with all kinds of ideas. So our events will give you a mix of tech, drinks, cafés, restaurants, fashion, food and leisure; any kind of business whose story we think is worth sharing.

We want to give people with diverse interests and ideas space to connect and find common ground.   Common ground is where diverse connections can be made, which just might end up becoming  collaborations. It is much easier to achieve a dream if there is more than one person working to make it happen.  So come along to one of our events; stick around after the panel discussion and chat with those who’ve inspired you and those who share your dreams – you never know what kinds of connections you will make.