Shane Lynn, KillBiller

Shane Lynn earned his primary degree in Electronic Engineering at National College of Ireland and from there he went on to complete a Ph.D in Engineering also at National University of Ireland.

Shane went on to take up a software development role with Intel Ireland,  following this position he completed a research position in University of Technology in Sydney as recipient of the Australian Embassy Endeavour Award, which he received in 2011. Roles with Deloitte Ireland followed.

Shane has over seven years of experience in data analysis and software design and has proven his enthusiasm at driving innovation in new products, and developing novel applications of artificial intelligence.  He decided to make the decision to set off on his own startup venture with KillBiller after he had spent time building most of it ‘you don’t want to be starting from a completely blank page when you go for it!’.

KillBiller is a mobile app that works out exactly how much customers can save on their mobile bill by analysing their usage.  At the beginning of going full time with the startup Shane said that the team gave themselves a 6 month window to gain some traction. That 6 month window has passed and KillBiller is growing quickly, with new users every day and on a launch in the UK and Canada on the horizon.