Eleanor Moss

Startup Salon July 2015 Panelist

Eleanor is an online editor, content producer, blogger and social media specialist, and is someone who really knows the content and digital publishing domain inside out.  

She actively engages in various side-projects outside of her day job, which she says are the best way to learn new skills, including helping a friend set up a music PR agency, writing for various blogs and publications including The Huffington Post, setting up a DIY filmmaking collective, and of course, cofounding Writepush; a digital content publishing platform.   

A sociology graduate from The University of Nottingham, Eleanor is fascinated by how technology is rapidly changing everything – society, the economy, the way we consume, the way we engage with each other, and of course, the way we work and do business together. 

Naturally, a deep interest with innovation and entrepreneurship developed out of this, and she has been diving headfirst into the startup community ever since. Working from a coworking space has allowed her to meet a wide range of entrepreneurs and startup founders, and delivered invaluable support and advice. Eleanor says she has embraced entrepreneurship not only as a way to be constantly meeting some of the most interesting, passionate and intelligent people, but as a way to be constantly learning, validating ideas and measuring creative output.