This edition of Startup Salon we’ll be talking to our panelists about how important it is to find a tribe in the early stages of growing an idea into a viable solution to a problem or an impact making, not-for-profit event or project.

How tribes help people change the world was a theme featured in one of Seth Goden’s TED talks available here, and the importance of finding a tribe has been spotlighted by creativity luminaries like Sr Ken Robinson, who wrote in his book The Element: How finding your passion changes everything:

Finding your tribe can have transformative effects on your sense of identity and purpose…” .

Today with digital marketing it is easier to not only find a tribe but build one yourself. But with so many options and online tools and resources, a new founder can be overwhelmed and prevented sharing their story.

Our panelists will share their methods and approaches to digital marketing and answer your questions about how best to approach communicating your story and the tools you can use.

And we’ll address the questions below:

How does a founder use their individual purpose as a storytelling device?

Is it essential to use the most modern technology or do traditional marketing methods still work?

As usual the startup founders will share the lessons they’ve learnt and give you guidelines on the first steps you can take, to turn your idea to solve a problem or make a change, into a viable startup or not-for-profit, impact making event.