Startup Salon: Finding a tribe

In the beginning it’s an idea to change something; to solve a problem.  A seed that only you can see. This seed is embedded in you by your independent will and the autonomy you crave.  Your innate creativity and your passion helps it grow into something worthy of being shared with people.  People who would benefit from the problem being solved and the impact you want to create.
Sharing the idea and telling your personal story is the first step towards watering the seed so it blossoms into a viable business or impact making event.
This edition of Startup Salon is about finding a tribe  that will support, inspire and empower you to grow a seed of an idea into a garden of opportunities cultivated by a community that’s lead by you.


Mindaugas Petrutis, founder of SketchLabs

James McElroy, co-founder of House My Dog

Jennifer Hourihane, founder of Oathello

Noel King, co-founder Coolest Projects

Marisa Denker, co-founder Connect the Dots


When:  Thursday 13th April

Where:  Dogpatch Labs

Time: 6:30 – 9pm



Thanks to our hosts Dogpatch Labs!